Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Our 2017 Story

Room 2 (and Mr. T) have been working on a piece of artwork for the majority of Term 4. It shows our story throughout our Year 6 journey, using nothing but pictures and symbols. These symbols show important moments of our Year 6 journey. For example, our 2 koru’s represent nurturing and Room 2 and the pink shark teeth show the 27 kids in our class (The orange tooth represents someone who left earlier in the year). The azure shark teeth and emerald flowers show the number boys and girls in our class. Some pretty cool symbolism, right?
We have worked very hard with this piece of art and on a side note, we haven’t just focused on our Year 6 journey, we’ve also focused on moving forward into intermediate and even High School. Now, it would probably take ages to explain all the symbolism but I hope you enjoy looking at our artwork.
By Nikita


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