Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Food for thought Year 5's...

Hey Future Year 6’s,
I have been fortunate enough to have an amazing journey at Halsey Drive. My last year has been a whirlwind of a ride (Rainbow’s End Pun Intended). It’s time for me to spread my wings and leave the nest. And now, it’s time for YOU to be the leaders of the school. I know that when I was in Year 5, I wish somebody would have given me some help and thanks to me, here is your guide. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been an incredible adventure but now it’s time to pass on my pearls of wisdom. So, sit back, relax and read this letter to the very end!
Unlike other Year 6’s, I started off my year a little differently. You see, I missed 2 WEEKS  of school and everyone was already well acquainted with each other by the time I arrived. I had to work very, very hard to catch up. It just goes to show how hard work pays off. In fact, on a side note, you’ve heard about the Rainbow’s End trip right? Well, what us Year 6’s may have not told you was... that it is a REWARDS trip. Meaning: If you don’t deserve it and earn it, you don’t go. Make wise choices!

Teachers, teachers, teachers! The core of every school (besides us students, of course). Your Year 6 teachers for next year are . . . Drumroll please! . . . Mr. Tomokino, Miss. Richardson, Miss Mistry and you won’t believe this but a NEW teacher. Now, I can’t say anything about the other teachers but being in Mr. Tomokino’s class has taught me one VERY IMPORTANT thing . . . DON’T MESS WITH HIS HAIR!!!

Term 2. The term of fidget spinners. It was all the rage back then. I’m sure you remember it. WE WERE ADDICTED!!! Fidget Spinner - Lunch, Fidget Spinner - Dinner and so on.  Anyways, onto more important things like . . . CAMP!!! I swear, everyone and I mean everyone was scared of at least one thing at camp but we faced our fears. Camp was a great way to start boosting our individuality and helped us learn what life was like without our parents. I’m sure you’ll learn just as much as us at camp! Now for an important notice - there is one thing you will need to bring from Year 5. YOUR BRAINS!!! Be a role model, act wisely and just know that you will need your brain for absolutely everything!

You may be wondering about how else you can become a successful year 6. Well the key is: Take part in as many extracurricular activities as possible. Extracurricular activities as in activities outside the classroom. Multicultural, choir, sport (netball, basketball, rugby etc). Try and be involved but don’t take on too many activities that you can’t commit to. Let me tell you, in my experience, you won’t get anywhere without trying for something even if you think you won’t get in, you just never know. In Year 6, there are way more opportunities for you to explore.

Term 3 and 4 went by like a blur and honestly, I wish it hadn’t. I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE!!! Although, I do remember some of my friends making some not so cool decisions. Luckily, they shaped up which is what you should do from the very beginning. Remember, your year is all about you and what you make of it. In all honesty, Halsey Drive is like a second home to me and I can’t wait to see, and hear,  what you lot get up to in your last year of HDS!!! Who knows, maybe next year, you’ll  shape the next generation of Year 6’s!!

Bye (and good luck),


Dear future year 6’s:
As an experienced year 6 student, I know Term 1 is pretty exciting.  In fact, I know the first term might be nerve racking seeing new faces but they might just suddenly become your friend.  The first thing that’s going through your mind is probably going to camp,  Rainbows End and having a whole lot of fun.  But I don’t think anyone has mentioned that Rainbows End is a rewards trip? so, you need to work hard for it.  It is really important that you are a good role model to all the juniors and other seniors. Try new things because you might not know what your good at or what your not good at until you try.  By the way, just letting you know that there’s also a new teacher.

Term two and three you are finally introduced to everything and you’ll have  a lot of opened doors.  You can be a librarian, house captain, councillor, in the multicultural group and a whole lot more.  So like I said before, try everything you can and work hard. Try not to commit to too much or else you will get stressed and possibly growled, but let’s forget about the growling part. As the year passes by and heads towards term 4, you will forget about all the other terms.

Term 4, the term where you almost go to intermediate.  The easiest term of all.  You have worked all year for the fun trips but it doesn’t mean you let all your standards and values down.  You might think I missed probably the most important part and the thing you do everyday -  work. You might think it’s boring because it is, but you still need to keep your grades up with everything including reports.  Also focus on class rather than just outside or wanting to play. It’s not just work, work and work, there is lots of time to play and have fun.

Hopefully you took in all the wisdom/advice i’ve given you. Remember… Keep Calm And Go To School!!!
By Espen😎

Dear future year 6 student,

As I ‍move on to year 7 I would like to leave you with some words of wisdom. If your in trouble and you lie about it, when the truth really comes out you will be in even more trouble so be honest in everything you do. Another thing is that if you are in a situation where you can’t think of anything nice to don’t say, don’t say anything at all and if it keeps happening, just walk away.

At first when I came into year 6 I was very shy and quiet but I tried out for as many things as I could. I might not have got into all of them but I gave it a go and now I am more confident. Also if your teacher is not there for a day and you have a reliever don’t trick them so you get what you want because the reliever will tell your teacher about you and you will get into trouble. One of the most important pieces of advice is, DON'T BULLY PEOPLE , some people might think that it is cool to bully other people but it is actually REALLY,REALLY MEAN!!  
Be a role model, don’t forget you will be the head of the school all the juniors will be watching you. They will copy every move you make so make your moves good!.

Lastly, I think that you need to remember to forgive. Don’t hold grudges because it just ruins your year. In year 5, I remember when I would go around and help the teachers which is another way to be a good role model. Being in year six I have had so many opportunities like road patrols, but be don’t be late. Camp was fun as well, walks on the beach bright and early.

I am so excited for graduation and final assembly and definitely prize giving. I LOVED Rainbows End but what you might not know is that it was a rewards trip and if you were misbehaving you wouldn’t get to go, so you should do your best and have an awesome last year!!!

By Sophia🙋

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