Tuesday, 17 October 2017

How would you describe this image? Here are some descriptions conjured up by a few of the boys as they unpacked the image before them.

Sub-zero temperatures blanket the expanding glacier. Water flows lazily around no man's land snapping up anything that falls into the deadly drink. Pillars slowly crumble from as the waves slowly lick away at them. Shards of ice materialize on the wall of horror.
The pillars, like men, carry the 4 tonne beast of nature on their exhausted shoulders.  They stand in the subzero lake getting colder by the second.  The landscape is dull, almost like an old black and white movie.  The hole in the middle showing us that some pillars have collapsed under the weight of the colossal assembly of ice above them.  The seemingly calm waters could not be more dangerous, with uncountable amounts of deadly creatures swarming the abyss below.  Any man who is unlucky enough to fall into these merciless waters will die in mere seconds.
The arctic sculpture, highly intimidating, threatening to collapse on anyone in it’s way.  Pillars hold up the bridge shaped landmark while the white sky can be seen on the reflective water. This exquisite masterpiece can be seen from another galaxy. Chunks of ice start to melt and break from the Global Warming crisis but the archway patrols the area stopping enemies from entering the kingdom.


  1. A really nice description.
    You all used great vocab.

  2. Grwat job! I like how all the boys used great descriptive language.

  3. Great Work!
    I really liked all the descriptive language.

  4. Ka pai! I like how you used a good use of vocabulary and descriptive language. I look forward to reading more.