Sunday, 24 September 2017

Poetic Inspirations...

Inspired by some abstract poetry, we came up with our own expression of ideas and feelings. Here are some examples from Dawn, Haoran and Kalani.

Food Galore
Hurrying in, collapsing on the ashen coloured seat.  My face showing passion clutching onto the prize, my prize.

The sounds of crunching could be heard. Salty, various sizes, fragile yet firm. The delicious crispy object was soon completely devoured. As I swallow I become suspicious.  Was this original or salty?

Moving on to the next victim . Pulling down it’s cloak I reveal its actual form.  I am the predator and it is my prey.  Snatching it I enjoy my reward with. Joy.  Creamy, smooth, delicious.

Hunting around I notice a change, something about it is really strange. The cupboards are empty and the jars are hollow. The beast inside me is roaring but all I can do is complain in sorrow.
By Dawn
The struggle is real, my brain starting to explode, the heat inside me is getting high  like a volcano.  

Every number makes  me more and more confused, and then.  I finish.                                                                                          
Happiness courses through me, the screen shines, trees everywhere, green everywhere.                                                                                                            
For now I am  happy.  Really happy.  
By Haoran
                                                Epic Wonders
Teenage girls walk out with a million bags hanging off their arms,
Probably full of  ‘Chanel’ couture or shiny bracelet charms.

I jump around as I admire the wonders surrounding me,
“Ahh, this is my paradise” I say, “ I finally am FREE!!.”

I pull my mum over, to a place that caught my eye,
‘Let's not be too greedy I think to myself, but hey, ‘don't be shy.’

I rush around, to get this, I rush to go buy that,
I feel awesome to say the least, as I put on my new NIKE hat,

Time to finish for the day, let’s go and get some food,
Because I so cannot live without it, I'm being serious dude.
By Kalani


  1. Good Job Haoran, Kalani and Dawn!

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  3. Good job! I like how you used good descriptive language in your inspiration poems.Keep it up!