Monday, 31 July 2017

Who am I? Where am I?....

One of the areas in writing we have been looking at this week is descriptions.  Can you guess where we are or who we are describing?

Luggage laid messily on the floor as beds surrounded me.  Getting my pyjamas on was very hard as my eyelids were heavy.  Outside I could hear the loud noise of large amounts of water pounding each other harshly.  I gazed at the hall where students were congested and the tv screen lit up the blank wall and soon I had trotted off down the stairs to join the rest happily. Where was I?

As I give the man my tickets, we go through. When we enter, I can’t see anything. The room was a dark, black cave. I sit down on my soft, comfortable, red rose chair and put crispy, golden, popping popcorn in my mouth. Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! The lights dim slowly and it had started. I reach out for my hard and multi colored m and m’s. I hear the loud noises blasting and crashing out of the enormous, black speakers that sound like the bass in them has been switched on fully. Where am I???

There  are some animals in here, some of them have two legs some of them have four.  The four legged animals were eating grass and the two legged animals were walking around. It doesn’t just have animals, it has some vegetables and fruit, like bok choy, carrots, cabbages eggplant, strawberries, peach and watermelon.  Sometimes if you are allowed, you can ride on the four legged animals and feed the animals as well.  Where I am?

As I saw something fly past me, I realised where I was.  “Cough, Cough”, dust gathered in my mouth, the wind making it go faster and faster.  Around me are buildings, so many building.  Orange, White, and Green plastered all over them.  A lorry beside me was selling what seemed to be a thing with a hole in it filled with water.  Above me is a huge cloud so grey I thought there was about to be a thunderstorm.  On the T.V in a shop is a man with a beard speaking about education and economy.  I had to go buy food, but before I could I had to pass the huge test in front of me.  I took a deep breath and walked out into no man’s land.  Where am I???

This annoying little creature scratches people like a ferocious cat, but only if you mess with him so you better not. He loves sports cars just like my uncle. Also, I don't know why or how he started this habit but he gives away your secrets, so don’t tell him yours. Who is he?

Pushing and pulling my luggage as hard as I could.  Finally I reached the top of the stairs. I reached out for the door.  Everyone was rushing to see all the rooms and to get to hang out with their buddies.  When I found the perfect room for me and my friends to hang out in, I waited and started to unpack.  Free time someone shouted.  I was so impatient to see what we were doing next.  Where am I ?

The sight of food simply makes her mouth water . She spends her weekends at a golf course. Her hobbies are golf, spending time with friends and shopping. She adores her pet’s making sure the are well fed, groomed and healthy. She uses her free time on her phone, catching up with friends. Can you guess who this is?  

As I hoped out the car I felt welcomed and free.  ”Ahhh.” When I got inside  It felt like home.  After that, I ran outside to play volley ball.   It was really warm and I wished I could stay there forever.  Later, I went to see my families room.  Freedom! Where am I?

As I stumbled through the double door a huge crowd of people were waiting in line. I was burning hot. I glanced at the different flavours and started drooling on the floor. They looked  so delicious it was liked I could almost taste them. Where am I?

There is a long way to get there, there was a lots people at the start and the further you go, the less people there are.  Every step makes me more and more tired. It is a really long way up, but the beautiful view makes me think it is worth it.  Where am I?

She likes to hang out with her friends and keep her little brother safe. This girl goes to Intermediate and likes to play with Ronnie’s big sister. She has dark hair and a lot of awesome hobbies. She likes to do her homework and hates washing the dishes. She also likes to play sport like netball and loves to eat a lot of sandwiches. She's the kind of person that is sometimes strict and sometimes nice to her younger brother. Who is she?

My heart raced as I stumbled out of the safe zone. Suddenly I heard a sharp crack on the board next to me followed by popping noises. Water dripped down my mask while I sprinted towards cove as the area behind me was splattered with neon green paint. Where am I?

I sprinted down the stairs and hid in a dark corner. A shiver went down my spine as I saw shadowy figures running up and down the stairs. I anxiously took a peek from my hiding spot, got the all clear, and tip-toed somewhere different. I saw my team-mates vests flicker off as a mysterious figure quickly tug them and and sneakily sprinted to their next victim. My heart skipped a beat as a silhouette of someone appeared behind me. It was now my time for my vest light to flicker off. Where am I?

Slowly the devil of this world calmly lumbered into her gloomy den.  Her room is a place that no one ventures and  comes out of alive.  A greedy, lazy and foolish monster waiting for meals.  When she eats she eats well enough for 3 people. When she sleeps the world stays silent afraid to wake her. When she is unhappy she always takes it out on something or someone. Unwilling to do any work she tells her “personal” slave(A.K.A me ) to do it for her. Who is this???

My legs were shaking, I was a nervous wreck. All I could feel were my eyes glaring down at the steep fall. My arms were so numb I thought they had actually fallen off. I thought I was going to die up here. I started rubbing my hands together warming my body. Finally, I got the courage to walk on and see the vast mountains covering me, a gust of wind started to blow across my face causing me to faint. Snow started towering over me. I was soon to realise I was no longer where I thought I was... Where am I?

He is a very kind and funny person.  He is a person who enjoys everything that he does.  Sometimes he can get annoyed but not very often.  Whenever I see him it makes me happy.  I think he enjoys school and likes making friends.  There is one specific thing that he is good at, gutter board.  He is also respectful to people.  He always comes to school happy and jolly, no matter what.  Whenever he laughs he reminds me of one of my old friends in Year 2. Who is he?

My eyelids drooped and my head felt heavy on my neck as I tried to shake off my sleepiness.
“Hurry up and brush your teeth!” my mum shouted. After brushing my pearly white teeth, I dragged my feet out of the bathroom and into another room. 10:00pm, my alarm clock read. Looking out of my window, I noticed pitch black darkness. Cold air kissed my cheek as I opened my wardrobe. The strong scent of the dinner wafted through my door as I changed lazily into my pajamas.  Where am I?

The hot damp air covered me like a blanket.  It was hard to stick to my family through the sea of people.  In front of me I saw the famous castle.  It towered over everyone.  I saw people dressed up as princesses and princes.  I heard the cheesy voice that came from a mouse.  Winnie the Pooh’s house sat beside me as I posed for a picture and heard the song “It’s A Small World” faintly behind me.  My hands were sticky from the sickly sweet cotton candy I had ate.  Sweat dripped down my face as we walked towards the pumpkin carriages from Cinderella.  My sister stood beside the water fountain made of marble.  I realised it was a statue of ‘The Little Mermaid’ - Ariel.  Japan was too hot I thought. Where am I?

Her knowledge is as sharp as a knife. She loves to read and when she was seven, she got banned from reading for a month because she read too much. I have known her since my first year at Halsey Drive. She plays the piano and is very dramatic which can be really funny and annoying at the same time. She is in the A netball team and is also a trained librarian. Having a strong, bold personality and being funny and friendly is one of the things that make her a great friend. She can cheer up anyone who’s feeling down and is always willing to try new things. She doesn’t play sports for a club but plays for fun with her family. She doesn’t give up easily and it’s always fun to have her around. Who is she?  

Dazzling costumes are scattered everywhere in the vast dress area.  The actors are pumped and full of adrenaline.  Butterflies flutter in my stomach.  The curtain goes up and the first dancers make eye contact with the audience.  Soon my part comes on and I skip on stage.  Where am I?

I feel like I’m a fish. It is amazing down there. It has a bus that looks like a shark and when you go down there it’s fun  because you can you can see the fish and other sea creatures. There are also lots of people taking photos.Where am I?

Cotton candy fills the air as I wait in a line that goes on for miles. I hear screams and laughs coming from nearby as I sit on my seat. Up and over we go, through twists, turns and sharp corners. My stomach shrivels as I scream uncontrollably!

As I walked through the door the aroma of puke shot across my face. Laundry baskets were full of clothing. Not just the laundry baskets but also the floor. Two mattresses were leaning upside down against the wall and the third one was lying down. A drum set was sitting in a corner with one drumstick. I looked down on the floor and realised chips had been eaten in here. I opened another door and then fainted. Two hours passed by and I was still unconscious. A few minutes later I woke up being buried in a pile of clothes. I couldn’t believe a giant pile of clothes had attacked me. Where am I?

This person has a lot of video games and a large amount of pets. He is one of the top 3 rubik's cube solvers in New Zealand. He stands tall and he is a little bit serious but also really kind.This person's drawings remind me of anime characters. He takes his homework seriously. He’s like a non stop playing machine. He’s also really adventurous. When I am around him I feel short. Who is this person?


  1. Great Job Room 2!
    I liked the way you guys added lots of clues about who the person is and where you are! Rhea is it Nikita?
    Tino Pai!

  2. Good job guys I really enjoyed it. I liked the way you all added lots of detail.

  3. Great job! These were very interesting to read.I Aaliya is at camp?

  4. Well done Room 2, everybody provided very detailed & interesting hints of whom / where was I. Priscilla I could tell instantly it was Disney Japan. :)

  5. I really like how you described your scene/person/animal perfectly. For Dawn I think it was her sister Mary. Am I right???