Thursday, 8 June 2017

Reminiscing about camp

Worst Moment At Camp 

By Skye

 It was surprising how excited I was for the Giant’s Ladder. Alexus and I chucked our harnesses on and waited for our turn. The Giant’s Ladder seemed to be calling our names. We started to climb. ‘Eazy peazy lemony squeezy’ is what I initially thought, but boy was I wrong. We got a little higher up the ladder and that’s when things started to get difficult. It was like a poisoned piece of cake, delicious and scrumptious and then BAM!!! The poison kicks in. Alexus managed to get up onto the next block of wood with a bit of help from the one and only….. ME. As you know Alexus is a lot taller than me so with that being said I COULD NOT GET UP THE STINKING LADDER. I tried many times. I did my Karate kicks and I used my muscles but I couldn't seem to get up there. “Come on Skye, use your karate skills!” Sara yelled. “HOY YAHH!” I managed to get in one of the most awkward positions. I was slightly falling backwards and while I did that I started to scream like a five year old. Of course, at that moment in time Alexus HAD TO just HAD TO wobble the ladder. My heart stopped and my stomach shriveled like scrunched up paper. I screamed “STOP WOBBLING!!” and then I shrieked, “I WANT TO GET DOWN!!” I looked at Mr Bainbridge and I saw him laughing! LAUGHING!??. I WAS MENTALLY DYING AND ALL HE DID WAS SIT THERE LAUGHING!!!

 My Camp Highlights

By Espen
“Aahhhh” The mornings were the best because at my house I already wake up early.  While I was running on the beach I thought, ‘why do they call it Long Bay beach? maybe because it's so long. Most people in my dorm kept saying we're having pancakes for breakfast but all we had were peaches and other kinds of cereal like rice bubble, weetbix and cornflakes.
 My favourite event was Stackem because everyone was cheering you on.  My scariest event or activity was the Giant’s Ladder.  I was so high and It was scary because I didn’t feel safe.
 For dinner my favourite meal would have to be peas, pumpkin, potato, chicken with gravy and garlic bread.  The most delicious dessert was chocolate cake, chocolate sauce and
The best night was the second to last night. It was because we had the FASHION SHOW!!!  
I was in my group but they did not let me and Jolui do anything. Literally!  Other people did amazing stuff.  I have to admit Sativa’s group was so good.

At night we had some pretty loud snorers but I still managed to get to sleep.  I really enjoyed being at camp.
Camp Reflections
Noooooooo!!!! Why is it the end of camp? Why??! On the bright side, I get to think about all those happy memories from camp!

In Priscilla’s Brain (When She’s Famous!)
Reporter: “What 3 activities did you like best at camp Priscilla?
Priscilla: “Well it’s hard to decide but I liked Abseiling, Giant’s Ladder and Rocky Shores.
Reporter: “What Activities didn’t you really like?”
Priscilla: “I don’t really know...I guess everything at MERC was too fun!”
Reporter: “What night activities did you like?”
Priscilla: “I liked Quiz Night, Movie Night and the Fashion Parade.”
Reporter: “Who were the top 5 instructors you liked?”
Priscilla: “Sara, Marji, T, Darren and Dave.”
Reporter: “Which meal did you like best?”
Priscilla: “I liked Wednesday’s lunch and Thursday’s Lunch. I ate so much!”
Reporter: “Thank you for listening and answering all those questions especially as you’re so busy.”
Priscilla: “That's fine, seeya”
By Fiona
I had the greatest time at camp Merc, it was so fun. My favourite activities were Rocky shores, Mountain biking, Kayaking, Stack’em,  Giants ladder {Which I did blindfolded} and ummmm…….. probably archery, ok now this is awkward... Even the food there was so delicious and appetizing, especially the dessert. On the first night we got to go in the hall and have a quiz night. My group’s name was, ‘The Fire 5.’ Later on when we finished, we headed straight for bed.
I really didn’t sleep for the first night, I stayed up all night. {Ummm… well maybe not, I only slept for about half an hour and woke up before anyone else}

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  1. Amazing piece of work Skye, Espen, Priscilla and Fiona. It did sound very interesting even though Fiona barely slept for almost the whole night. Great job! : )