Thursday, 18 May 2017

Tool Time

Tools At The Ready... By Ansh

As I looked around the severely congested classroom I identified a table full of dismembered parts of gadgets and vehicles.  I darted across the room feeling a little bit too nosy. “ANSH, NOT NOW!” Mr Tomokino exclaimed from the other side of the classroom.  See, it may have not been that far, but his voice sounded like a little squeak of a baby rat compared to the sounds of what seemed like 600 kids in the classroom.  When the time came to actually work with the items, I hastily grabbed all the needed tools and began to disassemble my gadget - the USB Hard Drive.  
My head began spinning as I struggled to think of how to take off the lid. At that moment I had an epiphany, maybe I could use the legendary screwdriver?? ( Ok, ok, I know that it was obvious but let me have my moment).  I was having so much fun showing off to Krish and Akeel, simply because as soon as I came, progress had actually been made.  I felt so bad taking all the credit for my superior intellect (not really, I basically did nothing) that I said they could remove the lid.  When we opened what we thought was the immortal lid, we found the hidden treasures; batteries and chips, and no, they were not Pringles, even though that would’ve been great.  We began experimenting by pulling out all that our muscles (not that we had any) would allow us to, creating many hazardous sparks along the way.  As time flew by, what was meant to be 30 minutes ended in, what I thought was a mere 3, but hey, who’s counting?      

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  1. Well Done Ansh! I like how you used lots of description with your sentences. Next Step Is to maybe explain some of the steps you did with me and Krish.
    (The Hard Drive)