Monday, 8 May 2017

Holiday adventures

Using DADWAVERS, we wanted to share a bit about the fun we had in our school holidays. Here are some of the things we got up to. What did you do in your holidays?

The Arcade by Skye
The heated arcade warmed me up as I turned the steering wheel edging closer and closer to my opponent's car. I stormed ahead scraping the side of her grey door. She was silently annoyed at my winning streak, “I’m coming!” Grea yelled. At the last minute she sped ahead and won the race. “Good game,” I said as we shook each other's hand. I ran to the next game, Air Hockey.  There were focused faces at the Event Cinema Arcade. I was the hulk while I played a game and every time I made crazy faces, Gabrielle laughed hysterically. We only had 2 minutes left on the clock. Who was going to win? I thought...

The Helicopter Ride by Rhea
My heart raced as the helicopter floated up, speeding to the top of The Remarkables.  Inside the helicopter, I sat cramped in between my mum and some lady I didn’t know.  I think her name was Liz.  “Mum, look at that fantastic view of Wakatipu lake!” I said into my headphones.  Soon we landed at the top of The Remarkables and I jumped out, eager to see the mesmerising view.
I ran to the edge of the mountain, instantly pointing to different sights.  After about five minutes I paced around, inspecting all the rocks and moss. They were all very interesting. We spent at least ten to fifteen minutes up in the mountains.  “I wonder how long we have left for this tour?” I thought to myself. “That was so much fun,” I told my mum as she grinned. Very soon we all walked back to the helicopter, squashing in like sardines in a tin.

The Movies by Jolui
It was a cold, dark night. My Mum, sister, and I were going to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. “YES!” I yelled with joy when we got into the cinemas. We were at Reading cinemas in New Lynn getting ready to watch the movie. When my mum paid for the popcorn, I started eating so fast that some of it fell out of the box. I quickly ran to the bathroom before the movie started. After that I ran up the stairs with excitement to find our seats. There were still a few minutes before the movie began and I started to eat my popcorn like someone digging for gold. After the movie finished I wondered if there would be a part 3.

Shark Citing by Priscilla
I was at Murrays Bay with my holiday programme.  Suddenly, I saw a sharp, grey fin appear from the water, then it disappeared. Something smooth swiftly brushed past me.  I quickly doggy-paddled over to one of our supervisors. “I think I saw a shark over there” I said. She hurriedly instructed everybody to swim closer to shore because someone had seen a shark. Everybody started screaming and it took about 5 minutes to get us all closer to the beach. “What if it was a dolphin and not a shark?” I thought. “That would be so cool!” Great White sharks are as scary as a fierce tiger!

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