Sunday, 21 May 2017

Are you convinced??

There are a couple of things that we think need to change....

5 Instead of 4
Have you ever felt tired at camp from  rushing from one activity to the other?  Wish there was more time?  Well, let me tell the teachers how long we should go for.  If the teachers want a debate, then I’ll give them one and trust me, I’ll win.  My ideas have filled the house that there are no rooms left for another idea.  I really want an extra day for camp and I am sure you want it too. Do you get what this argument is about yet?  If you guessed, Camp should be 5 days instead of 4, then you are absolutely correct.  

The reason why I believe that camp should be 5 days instead of 4 is because at home my mum does the laundry, washing, dishes and she sets the table for scrumptious meals. I just make my bed, do my homework, read books and laze around.  When we go to camp and have an extra day we will become more independent and responsible.

Firstly we would be extremely excited on Monday with camp being so close,  we would not be able to concentrate on our tasks at all.  We will keep thinking is it time yet or we will keep whispering, come on, just a bit longer.  If you want us to learn that Monday then you’re already out of luck because this is impossible.

How much of your mind have I got yet?  If I still need to convince you, let’s go to the next reason.  If you are thinking that’s all I had then dream on.  My  second and NOT FINAL reason is that we will not have to dart from activity to activity.  We would not be puffing a lot at camp and running from one direction to another.  With an extra day we could just stroll from place to place without going hah, hah, hah.

My third reason is that the year 5’s will be ready for year 6.  While we laugh and enjoy ourselves at camp they will be learning how to be year 6’s by doing patrols, wet day monitors, office duty, lunch monitors and ringing the handbell.  They will basically be training for year 6 so if we go an extra day they will get more experience on how to act next year.

My final reason is that we will get to spend time without technology and enjoy the nature around us learning about the world beyond crazy, cooky technology.  We will start to save our eyesight by not staring at a screen all the time and think about how camp is different to your own house or how the sun is different early in the morning or how there is less noise in nature and so much more.

To reiterate, I believe that we must go to camp for 5 days instead of 4.  Who thinks we are going to be working normally at Monday?  Not me. I hope you’re ready to keep running from activity to activity because we will be until we have an extra day. Don’t the teachers want the year 5’s to learn how to behave and manage themselves next year? I don’t think they will learn in 4 days but 5 surely. We will probably experience the earth more in 5 days and I am sure you agree with that statement too and this statement as well.  Looking at all the writing above I really think that camp should be 5 days instead of 4.
By Aaliya

Camp Isn't Camp Without a Device
It’s almost camp, we may come back looking like a tramp, why have the teachers have banned, ‘DEVICES!?’ we rant.  
As you may know we are not allowed devices at camp this year, we are even more sad that it is near, so this is our argument, to the Halsey Drive School Parliament. Devices should be allowed at camp.
One reason we should bring devices to camp is if anything special happens and you want to share it with your family you won’t be able to as cameras don’t have that option. What if you have relatives overseas? they won’t be able to see your photos unless you go over there to show them, but if you have a phone you can just send it to them via social media.
Another thing we could use it for is, If we feel homesick we can communicate with parents without having to make a teacher call home. Be honest, I’m sure you don't want kids coming to you just to say, “I'm sick, can you call my parents.”  This would help a lot especially at night and you won't have to worry about a child waking up, they can just access their devices and call their parents telling themselves and not disturb you. But don’t worry, you have my permission to take them off us if it’s too late so we're not too tired for the next day's activities.
If we were aloud to bring devices on the bus to camp we can entertain ourselves on the way there by watching things like netflix and other movies and we can prevent ourselves from talking too loud so the bus driver can drive safely and won't crash.
To reiterate,  I think it is essential that you are allowed devices at camp. You’ll be distracted on the long bus ride leading to a happy bus driver and also a safe trip.  Second of all, you won’t have to get up in the middle of the night to ask your teachers to call your parents. Instead you can use your device and keep your teachers and the MERC staff enthusiastic about teaching us. Last of all, we think that if any exciting or legendary events go on, we can take photos and videos to share with our curious families and friends.  Overall we think that it is essential that we be allowed to bring our devices to camp. I wonder if they’─║l allow us to bring an Imac?       
By Aryan, Krish, Ansh and Haoran    

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