Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Our Families

We all come from awesome families and we'd like to share some of them with you.
My Family by Rahul

My Family is all Indian, they all were born in Mumbai, India except for me, I was born in Auckland, New Zealand.
My mum and dad speak Hindi and English my brother speaks English but can understand Hindi but I can only speak English and can’t understand Hindi.
My family moved to New Zealand because they thought it would give everybody a better lifestyle and better opportunities for me and my brother,  plus Auckland also had better jobs.
I have four people in my family my dad, my mum, my brother and me.  One interesting fact about my grandpa(mum's side)
is that the job he had, gave him a free apartment to live in that was really close to his office, just across the street.
My family celebrates Holi, Diwali and birthdays.
We also go to other festivals because my mum performs at them.

My Family by Kalani 
 My ethnic background is Samoan and Tuvalu as my dad (Junior) is from Samoa and my papa is from Tuvalu. I’m also Maori and part Croatian, the Maori is from my mum and her family and the Croatian is from my great-nana’s side. At home, my dad uses some Samoan commands, and can also speak Samoan fluently as well as his brother’s and my papa (Tausi). My nana also speaks Maori. I know a few Samoan and Maori words, but I’m still in the process of learning the languages at school and at home.
 My dad comes from Samoa, he was born and raised there until he was ten. My papa is from Tuvalu and lived there until 1967. I know my great-nana was from Croatia, but I still don’t know when she migrated to New Zealand with her family and children. My nana (Annie) was born in Nelson, but then moved to Auckland where she had my mum and my uncles.
In 1990, my dad moved to New Zealand for a better education/life when he was about 9 or 10. Well before my dad migrated here, my papa moved to New Zealand with his family to become rich.
Here are some interesting facts about my family. In my family, we share 2 birthday double-ups, including Bob Marley and myself and my dad’s friend Gabriel and himself. A very interesting fact is that I was born on Waitangi Day (February 6th) again, the birthday of Bob Marley and Babe Ruth.

My Family by Kevin
I come from a family of 5 including me.  I have a courteous grandma who loves farming,  an irritating sister who really likes arts and crafts,  a kind mum who has a passion to play badminton, a strict dad who’s a really good cook but whose real passion is fishing, and then there’s me.  I love swimming but I’m also addicted to fishing.
My dad got a job offer in China from NZ to be a Sky chef.  He left in 2001.  When my dad left, my mother was already married to my dad so she had to follow him to New Zealand.
In my family we celebrate pretty much every important festival in China but we try our best to speak both Mandarin and English.
My cultures are Chinese and NZ .  My mum, my sister and I can all speak and understand both English and Chinese fluently.  Unlike us, my dad and my grandma don’t understand English very well but they are all really good at Chinese.

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