Thursday, 30 March 2017

The story through the lens...

Some Room 2 students were given a photography challenge. Here is what they came up with.

The Teacher's Lounge by Skye

You walk through the office hallway and the navy blue stairs lead you to your final destination. The Teachers Lounge. Oh the mysteries that must go on in there. I have always wondered, do they have awesome parties? Hmmm… Also have you noticed how teachers take FOREVER to get to class?! maybe it’s because they have to clean up the mess they make.

I think they must have hungry creatures that use all their plates. I remember when I did dishes In year 5. Friday morning tea was spine chilling.  Nikita and I would dread that day. Maybe it was “bring your own Gobble Slurpers (a pet that gobbles and slurps) for morning tea” and their pets munched and munched until their hearts content. There were so many dishes that you couldn't fit them all in the dishwasher.  And guess who had to wash the excess dishes??... yeah, ME.  My face would scrunch up while my fingers slithered across the plates and glasses, don't worry though, everything got cleaned :)

I’ve walked in there and it seems pretty formal, like a business conference room.  But you can never be too sure. I went up there once to put a cup in the dishwasher. I trudged up the stairs like an elephant as I wanted to make sure they got the message that a student was coming up. When I ploughed in, invading their privacy, all I saw was teachers blabbering on. Im 100% sure they heard me coming up the stairs, so they could have hid the party equipment. Or maybe, they hid their Gobble Slurpers while I was walking up the stairs

So teachers, what really does go on in there?

The Board Room by Rhea
I’ve always wondered what goes on in here. Have you? All I know is that in the boardroom is where important teacher meetings and school council meetings are held. It has a desk on the side with lots of drawers and a big widescreen TV. I’ve been here, but only once or twice to either record something or for the school council. Maybe this is where the teachers have their morning tea and lunch? Nah... this place is too small and what would they do outside in the actual staffroom??

Ooooh, I know...This must be their secret game room! Yes, that must be it. The phone must be a secret dial to unlock all the TV’s within the walls with games like XBOX, Wii and Playstation and also a few arcade games like Pac-man, Pong and Space-Invaders. There must also be a secret button under the gigantic grey table which makes computers appear on the top.

Or it could be the place where the teachers plan our amazing school trips. So far, some of the terrific school trips I’ve been on are to Piha Beach, Mindlab and the Auckland Museum. What do you think it’s used for?

The Classroom by Kalani
I walk into this room nearly everyday. I come in here to learn new things, I come in here to create, and most importantly to enjoy the day and have fun. Whenever I’m waiting in the cloak-bay in the mornings, I can always hear music booming from the speakers inside, or our teacher (Mr Tomokino) playing his guitar. Our average everyday schedule is usually jam-packed with heaps of work to do but when we’re not working, we’re usually practising assembly songs, or going over the agenda for the coming day.

We are a very musical class - I think everyone knows that. Whenever we’re working on writing or inquiry, Mr Tomokino always has to play an Ed Sheeran song or either play a sad sounding song on his guitar. Although it’s still term 1, I’m having loads of fun in this room, but just wait until term 2..We’ll really have to step up our game.

The WALL by Nikita
Sometimes I walk, sometimes I stride and sometimes I race past here every single day.  The sign welcomes visitors with open arms and waves ‘goodbye’ as they leave.  It represents the idea that no matter what happens or is happening in the world, you will always have a place to go to. Sometimes I wonder if people ever notice the sign. I mean, sure they need something to tell them if this is the place they’re looking for but do they really notice it or do they just walk past carelessly?  I know that I walk past sometimes without noticing and now that I’m in Year 6 I wish I had noticed it more.  It’s like it’s more than just a normal sign, it’s a sign telling me that I missed so many things in my years at Halsey Drive School.  This sign reminds me that I have to move on and live each opportunity to the fullest.

I wonder if it ever gets cleaned?  Maybe it gets cleaned by the Property Manager?  How else would it be able to stay so clean and silver all these years? More importantly the wall! Shouldn’t it be covered in moss by now?  How does it stay clean??... So many questions...

The Hallway... by Dawn
I’ve always wondered what happens in there.  I know its where the naughty kids go but theres got to be more to it.  I’ve passed it many times but never dared to enter.  It’s uniformity makes me shiver Ehh! The navy blue carpet covered the entire floor, there are 3 ginger coloured doors and there is also glass room which  I have gazed at from the outside and have seen teachers walking in and out but that’s all.  

What if that’s where they plan out how to torture us kids?  Ooh... What if that’s where they have parties? Nope!  Maybe that’s where they take naps at lunch time? That must be it.  But how do they know which teachers can nap on which day??... Ooh! I know, they must have a roster! But I don’t blame them... even I think school is tiring!

Hmm?  So if teachers can only nap at break time, what else is there to this room?...Yes I know! it’s a relaxation room for the Principles where they relax after dealing with us kids.  Not saying that we are bad but sometimes we can be a little cheeky.  You can’t blame us though, we’re kids!  Or maybe, it’s just the principal's office…. probably not.


  1. Good Job Skye, Dawn, Rhea, Nikita!
    I liked the way you guys took a photo with your Writing.
    Ka Pai!

  2. I think we all did a great job! I personally don't think I am the best at writing, but I'm very proud of the extension writing I did. Well done!

  3. I think we all did a great job! I personally don't think I am the best at writing, but I'm very proud of the extension writing I did. Well done!