Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Age of Technology

J.K. Rowling's investigation into the Internet vs ARPANET found the following:
The cost the internet has on the environment

The environment is being infected by the Internet.  A lot of the bee population have died because of our cell phones. How? you may ask, well, cell phones put out a signal that confuses the bees and can be deadly. Data centres also rely on fossil fuel to create energy for them to use and these fossil fuels create a lot of greenhouse gases. Skye


Explain: How the internet has changed our lives for the better or worse
The Internet has changed many people’s lives for the better by being able to text others on your phone or emailing someone on your computer instead of writing a note to a friend by hand. You can also interact with family overseas or with friends with the help of new social media. Social media doesn’t just help you chat with others, it can also help with entertainment. You can entertain yourself by playing games on the Internet, streaming movies, watching other people’s video’s on YouTube or sharing photo’s and video’s with the world. Lastly, the Internet can make studying or writing a report much more efficient and easier. You can easily search up information on Google instead of asking people, and you can also delete or fix mistakes without making a mess.

Overall I think the Internet has made many lives more stress-free as you can interact with loved ones living overseas, you can entertain yourself and others without getting out of the house, and it makes studying easier and more efficient.
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Personify the Internet

I present to you my best  friend Internet. He’s funny, smart and creative. I mean, you can ask him any question and he will answer it instantly.  Isn’t he awesome??? He can also do almost anything. He can play with you and he can even help you with your homework (cough do it for you cough).  After this introduction who wouldn’t want him as a friend?

Internet is a wonderful lady.  Everyone uses her at least once a day.  She travels around the world just for you.  She is always fine with sharing things with you, whether it’s history, playing games or doing homework. She’s ready on any day to share things with you, even if it’s raining.

Predict how the Internet will change in the future:
In a minute 10,000,000 new blog posts all around the word .
In a minute there will be 123 000 000 000  emails sent all around the world.
In a minute there is going to be more than 10,000,000 new videos on video sharing sites. Catalina

I think that IT in the future will have more memory core to deal with all the emails sent, blogs posted, conversations, search engines used and social media networks used around world. Anthony

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