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The History of Lego

Room 2 used 'The History Of Lego' (literacyshed) to practise our note taking and summarising skills. We also attempted to identify whether or not our writing was Poetic or Transactional. Here are a couple of examples from Nikita and Kalani.
W.A.L.T take notes
W.A.L.T summarise
Lego is a well known toy brand which many people have played with but have you ever wondered how Lego was invented. Here is a brief description about the history of Lego.

1932 in the town of Billund a carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen had to shut down his well-respected company because he had no money. He had 4 sons all counting on him as his wife passed away. He decided to make a wooden toy for his sons to play with. They enjoyed it so much that he decided he would make wooden toys for children as a business from the wood left over from his carpenter job. His son Godfrey decided to help Ole after school. One day a wholesaler decided to place a huge order with them so they started constructing the toys. They were finally finished when Ole got a letter saying the wholesaler couldn’t pay for the toys because he became bankrupt. They had so many toys that Ole started selling them himself, although he didn’t do a good job. Ole wasn't very confident and he didn’t like praising his good work. In the year of 1936 Godfrey wanted to save money and equipment by putting only 2 coats of lacquer instead of 3 but Ole stopped him before they could start selling them, saying that not to cheat the customers just because Godfrey wanted to save money. That day Godfrey learnt an important lesson.

In the year of 1942 the workshop caught on fire and no toys or blueprints could be salvaged. Ole had no ideas to work with but decided he would start again and build another workshop. Pretty soon at a toy convention he saw a plastic moulding machine. After conferencing with Godfrey he bought the machine. Using the machine he started making plastic teddy bears and other toys for his company. Soon Ole realised he had no name for his company. After many ideas he finally came up with Lego which means ‘I put together’ in Latin. In the year of 1954 on an English ferry, Godfrey was talking to a head of an important shopping mall. The head of the shopping mall was saying he didn’t like children’s toys as they had no system. When Godfrey went back home he looked at the toys and thought about a system for Lego. Finally he found kids could use plastic bricks to make houses, cars, buses and many others which would enhance kids creativity and imagination. To take it a step further Godfrey decided to add tubes to the plastic bricks which allowed kids to pick up their creations as the tubes allowed more clutch power and the bricks to stick together easily. The ‘system concept’ was a very useful idea as today Lego is one of the world’s most successful toy businesses.

REFLECTION: I think my piece of writing is transactional as I used many phrases and vocabulary to inform my audience. I liked the way I used paragraphs to make my writing easier to read. My next step is to identify more of the key ideas and summarise a bit better.

The History of LEGO Kalani
WALT - Summarise in our own words
WALT - Take notes
(Poetic) - Blue
In Billund 1932, a skilled carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen, shut down his carpentry business after the tragedy of losing his wife. Ole saw how upset his 4 sons were and made a toy duck to cheer them up. His sons thought the toy was great and convinced Ole to start a job as a toy-maker. One day, a wholesaler walked passed and saw Ole’s creations. He went into the workshop and asked permission to sell the toy’s to children. Ole agreed, and went to work with the help of his son, Godfrey. While finishing off the last few toys, Ole received some bad news. The wholesaler had gone bankrupt, meaning he couldn’t afford to sell the toys. Ole knew he couldn’t waste anymore time, so he went on and sold the toys himself. It was a success, and Ole made a company named LEGO that meant, ‘I put together’ in Latin.

To improve on his toy-making, Ole purchased a Lacker and saw the change in his toys. On a stormy night in Billund 1942, a fire struck and destroyed all of Ole’s models and toys, but Ole had a plan to re-build another LEGO company. After the grand opening of the new LEGO company, Ole bought a plastic modeling machine and tested it out. The first new and improved LEGO package was released to children while Ole and Godfrey attended a fair in Copenhagen and then boarded the England Ferry. While on the England Ferry, Godfrey met a man talking about toy brands needing to have a system, Godfrey then knew what he had to do, make a system for LEGO. Godfrey’s idea was very useful, as LEGO is one of the most successful toy businesses.

Reflection: I thought my writing was poetic because of the sentences I highlighted.  I like how I used paragraphs consistently and added detail to make my writing better. My next step is to probably identify the more important bits instead of adding in every single detail in. Overall I thought it was a good piece of writing.

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