Monday, 13 February 2017

Room 2's Totem Poles

Using vivid and pastels, we created totem poles with animals that represented each of us.
I chose my representative to be a dog.  I chose a dog because dogs and I are both extremely loyal. We can both be fierce if we need to.  Dogs and I are also quite friendly.  That is why I think that I am similar to a dog. Ansh
I chose a tiger to represent myself because I am fast swimmer, hungry, sneaky, stealthy and patient but I can be loud when I am angry. Anthony
I chose the octopus because the octopus is a fast swimmer and I am also a fast swimmer. Also, the octopus is one of the smartest animals on the earth. Joshua
I choose a wolf because they’re sneaky, fast, strong, brave and stay up all night like me. Fiona
I chose an orangutan because like me, they are intelligent, kind, caring and always wanting food. Orangutangs are also the native animal of Malaysia. They are also 97% like humans. That is why I chose an orangutan. Priscilla
I chose a tiger because they are mostly individual and love their food and so do I. Dawn  
I chose a sloth because of how lazy and relaxed I am some days and how I don’t really go out much. I also like how they take their time and how they chill out most of the time like me. Kalani
I chose an ant because ants love to eat sweet things and meat like me. Hoaran
I chose an elephant because I think that I have a lot of confidence like them. I also think that I am like an elephant because I eat a lot. Rhea
I chose a monkey because I like to climb  and swing on the monkey bars. For me, trees are fun to climb on.  At my house I use to have a tree that I climbed on everyday but one terrible stormy day the wind broke my favourite tree and most of it’s roots came out. My mum took it away.  It was a sad moment.  Also my favourite fruits are bananas and pomegranates.  I take one banana to school everyday and I have a playground with monkey bars in my back yard.  Aaliya
I chose the crocodile because it’s fast underwater and fast on land. There is a hard side to it and a soft side which is its underbelly. That represents me because there is a soft and caring side to me and a tough side to me also.  Kevin
I chose a deer because deers are fast on the ground, smart, a bit stubborn and free, that’s why I chose a deer for my Totem Pole animal. Angel
I chose a Cheetah because I’m fast like a Cheetah and I have good pace. Also, I don’t get tired that easy like other people.  Catalina
A monkey suits me because I am like one. I am cheeky and small.  I love to climb and eat yummy bananas. Also my uncle calls me monkey. I love the monkey bars and I love swinging on ropes. I run and jump like a monkey. I love monkeys. Tanisha
I chose a giraffe because they have no teeth so they can't bite people and I won’t bite people. They are also tall and so am I. Sofia
I chose a chipmunk because they have big teeth and I have big teeth. Chipmunks are also pretty nosey and I think I am nosy because I go into other people's stuff and they are very short like me. Krish   
My animal is a cat. I chose the cat because I think that I am sneaky, cheeky and quiet just like a cat. Risa
I chose a panda because it is big and cuddly just like me. It plays with bamboo and eats it and I like playing with bamboo. Akeel
I chose a tiger because I get hungry a lot of the time.I am also very patient. I’m very stealthy like a tiger hunting its prey. Aryan
I chose a Shark because they are fast swimmers just like I am and because they are scary and I can make scary faces. Also sharks always look very angry and sometimes when I get angry, I get very angry. Rahul
I chose the chimpanzee because it is smart and confident. It can also be very helpful sometimes in the jungle. It represents my strength and greatness. Nihar  
I chose a dog because he’s very nosey like me and he can run fast and help people.  He can help people if they are lost.  Prabhjot

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  1. Fantastic Job Room 2!
    I liked the way you guys chose very similar animals to your personality.
    Tino Pai!